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The following information contains the perscribed legal duty statements of the §6 "Teledienstgesetz", such as provider mark and important legal information on the Internet presence of Terö-Plastic GmbH & Co. KG.


Terö-Plastic GmbH & Co. KG

Baduf 2
79263 Simonswald


Phone +49 7683 913 79 0
Fax +49 7683 913 7950

Email: info@teroe-plastic.de
Internet: www.teroe-plastic.de


Company details:

Registered office : Simonswald

Registered court: AG Freiburg, HRA 280 406

General partner: Terö-Plastic Beteiligungs-GmbH

Office: Simonswald

Registered court: AG Freiburg, HRB 703 186

Representative: Martin Furtwängler

VAT number: DE210141026

Legal information:

In the judgement of 12 May 1998 –(312 O 85/98–) - "Haftung für Links", the Hamburg Regional Court (Landgericht) ruled that publishing Internet links may make a website owner liable for the content of the linked third-party web pages. The Court held that only by expressly dissociating his website from the linked site’s content can the owner avoid such liability.

Terö-Plastic hereby expressly dissociates itselves from the entire content of all pages and sub-pages linked from the website. The responsibility is on the respective provider.

Terö-Plastic does notaccept any liability for the content of third-party web pages, that have made with or without the knowledge of Terö-Plastic a hyperlink to the Terö-Plastic website.


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