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Terö-Plastic: The Facts

Design and development

- Development processes are accelerated by innovative product solutions
- Engineering with advanced 3D CAD systems; faster and more accurate data
  exchange is guaranteed
- The use of new technologies ensures constant optimisation of working processes


- Advanced machines for precise, fast and flexible mouldmaking
- Qualified, experienced employees
- Production space in mould making departement: approx. 200 m²

Injection moulding

- Machinery with peripheral equipment to suit all requirements
- Mould clamping force range 200–4500 kN
- Injection weights up to 1500 g
- Multi-component injection moulding
- Insert parts
- Production space injection moulding: approx. 800 m²

Additional processing

- Joining (ultrasonic welding)
- Surface finishing
- Hot stamping
- Component production and assembly
- Production of complete modules
- Storage area: approx. 1,400 m² inside, additional external storage area