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Everything centred on your product

Speed, service, logistics, quality: these are the parameters of plastic production that count.

Our modern machinery can be used for large-batch productions and short runs. The clamping force of our machines lies in a range of 20 – 450 tons. The maximum shot weight is 1,500 grams. So we can always use the optimal equipment.

For economic production, handling is essential. Here, we work with variable systems, to increase the throughput on demand. A high automatisation results in high efficency.

We process all thermoplastics such as ABS, PP, POM, PC, PA, ...

spritzgießen spritzguss kunststoff


Our service:

- Large and small
  production runs
- Multi component
- Moulding with inlays
- Assembly
- Modules

Production space for injection moulding:
approx. 800 m²